• Meetings

  • Board meetings are typically held quarterly at the HOA president’s house.  Meetings start promptly at 7 pm. All homeowners are encouraged to attend and have the opportunity to address the board. To keep up to date with all scheduled HOA meetings  come back to this page for dates, locations, and times. If you have any questions for the HOA board please email us at info@fullerscrossing.com.

    Hope to see you at your next HOA meeting!

    Special note: Due to the ongoing crisis related to the covid-19 pandemic, HOA meetings may be held virtually.

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    Next HOA Community Meeting

    Do you have questions for the Fullers Crossing HOA Board? If so, please email us at info@fullerscrossing.com to request a spot at our next Fullers Crossing HOA Board meeting. Prior approval is required in order to participate in the board meeting.